Introduction to Architectural Technology
1st Edition
Pete Silver and Will McLean

Published September 2008 by Laurence King
192 pp
220 x 220 mm
ISBN 9781856695664
Foreword by Hanif Kara

Understanding the relationship between design and technology is critical to the understanding of architecture. Aimed at architectural students, this book provides an accessible introduction to all aspects of architectural technology: structural physics, structural elements and forms, heating, lighting, environmental control and computer modelling. As well as providing a clear grounding in these topics, it will also help students to integrate their design thinking with appropriate structural and environmental solutions. The book sets out to explain the relationships between physical phenomena, materials, building elements and structural types using simple classification systems and real world examples. Photographs are used to familiarize the user with common construction technology, while historical examples are employed to chart significant moments in the history of architectural engineering. The book also explores current computer techniques for assisting students to predict the structural and environmental behaviour of buildings. Written by experienced teachers, it will be invaluable for those contemplating the study of architecture and those already on such a course.