The Demonstrators — Six Colour Forms and Their Antiforms
Victoria Watson

Published May 2012 by Bibliotheque McLean
34 pp
294 x 294 mm
Risographic printed paperback
ISBN 9780955886836
Essay by Samantha Hardingham
Designed by Mark Boyce

Dr Victoria Watson (University of Westminster) designs with colour. Watson explores delaminated woven structures where space, colour and other delights are held in a Cartesian Farbenfeld of coloured fibres. These ‘Air Grids’ propose a new mode of working for the designer and an exploration of chromatics through a novel approach to the deployment of colour across a three dimensional environment.

This beautifully produced large format publication contains twelve, three-colour risograph prints of Watson’s ‘Air Grids’ with accompanying colour coding strip. ‘The Demonstrators’ contains essays by Dr Watson and Samantha Hardingham.


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