Dante Bini: Architect
Will McLean

The Binishell has become emblematic of Bini’s work, but it forms only part of his unique contribution to the worlds of architecture, engineering and construction. His range of creative aptitudes are better encompassed by his phrase ‘Building with Air’, used as the English language title for his professional memoir published in 2014. Whilst Bini’s first construction invention was the Binishell, he has subsequently developed his notion of construction automation through a whole range of patented building systems in reinforced concrete, steel, aluminium and timber, most of which share the common ‘building material’ of differential air pressure. Bini’s animated (and infectious) enthusiasm for construction automation is underpinned by his strong belief that new architectural and programmatic imperatives demand reciprocal innovation in the construction process. In this sense, along with his entrepreneurial zeal and showmanship, Bini seems to have more in common with the inventors and innovators Thomas Edison and Richard Buckminster Fuller than the concrete maestros of Félix Candela, Heinz Isler, and Pier Luigi Nervi. Throughout Dante Bini’s professional life, the outward facing (visual) component of his work and businesses have always been very important; where he has skillfully presented his patented construction systems, including Binishell, Minishell and Binistar in specially designed marketing materials such as brochures, pamphlets and manuals. Bini has always used these materials to explain and animate the sequence (and in some case the timing) of the construction process. Bini was selling both a product and a process; and his patented technologies were successfully licensed to a whole range of companies across the world. In this, the most comprehensive collection of Dante Bini’s works to date, included in the book are a number of construction sequences which explain the logic and processes of these innovative systems and for the first-time Dante Bini has agreed to include the publication (in its entirety) of the construction manual that he produced for the 18 m diameter dome developed whilst he was based in Australia.

This book will present the most comprehensive published record of the works of Dante Bini and draws on previously unpublished photographs and drawings from Dante’s personal archive.


Due for publication Spring 2022 by Bibliotheque McLean
224pp 210x294mm Paperback
ISBN 9780955886881 
Designed by Mark Boyce