Environmental Design Sourcebook: Innovative Ideas for a Sustainable Built Environment
Will McLean and Pete Silver

A new social and ecological prerogative demands appropriate material choices, a re-invention of construction and evolving building programmes that look at lifecycle, embodied energy, material properties and environmental performance of buildings.

In explaining the principles and technologies by which we heat, cool, moderate and mitigate, the book demystifies environmental design as a technical exercise. The book covers: Acoustics, bamboo construction, biopolymers, bioremediation, cross laminated timber, climatic envelope, computational fluid dynamics, earthen architecture, fabric formwork, hempcrete, insulation, mycelium, biofabrication, paper construction, passive solar heating, pneumatic structures, solar geometry, tensegrity structures, thermal mass and more.

The book features: Ashen Cabin (HANNAH), Bunhill 2 Energy Centre (Ramboll, Cullinan Studio, McGurk Architects and Colloide), Cork House (Matthew Barnett Howland, Oliver Wilton and Dido Milne), Dymaxion House (Richard Buckminster Fuller), Eastgate Centre (Mick Pearce), Neuron Pod (Will Alsop – aLL Design and AKT II), Quik House (Adam Kalkin), Tension Pavilion (StructureMode and Weber Industries).

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Published July 2021 by RIBA Publishing
208pp 189x246mm Paperback
ISBN 9781859469606