Structural Engineering for Architects: A Handbook
(Brazilian Edition)
Pete Silver, Will McLean and Peter Evans

How much I wish I had come across this book in my youth – it would have saved so much effort spent reading so many boring ones.

Eva Jiricna

This book provides an understanding of the fundamental theories and practice behind the creation of architectural structures. It aids the development of an intuitive understanding of structural engineering, bringing together technical and design issues.

The book is divided into four sections: ‘Structures in nature’ looks at structural principles found in natural objects. ‘Theory’ covers general structural theory as well as explaining the main forces in engineering. ‘Structural prototypes’ includes examples of modelmaking and load testing that can be carried out by students. The fourth section, ‘Case studies’, presents a diverse range of examples from around the world – actual buildings that apply the theories and testing described in the previous sections.

This accessible, informative text is illustrated with specially drawn diagrams, models, CAD visualisations, construction details and photographs of completed buildings. This book will give students and newly qualified architects a firm grasp of this essential topic.

Published October 2013 by Blucher
208pp 280x216mm Paperback
ISBN 9788521207993 
Foreword by Eva Jiricna